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OK, I have to go all bitchy for a second and I love you guys so hopefully you’ll put up with it for a minute. So there’s this dude at work that got hired back in June. He didn’t even come on the floor until August (we have a crapton of training). Anyway, he came on the floor in August. He is a smartass—and not the fun kind, like a smartass, snarky, kind of “I’m the smartest kid in the class” mentality and everyone else is wrong. He once sent me an IM at work that was pretty rude, or at least I thought so and anyone that was around me thought it was rude as well. It’s too silly to try to explain. Well they just posted for a lead position and I know at least four people applied; two were “promoted,” if you can call it that. One of them was this guy. He is the epitome of a dickass. Yes, dickass. And I have to work every third weekend and there’s a lead that’s on staff at these times. I used to not mind the lead I had on weekends, but she’s leaving. If it ends up being this guy, I will poke my eyes with a rusty fork. There was a girl that I work that knew I would be so pissed by this, she actually put forth the effort to text me at home on my day off cause she didn’t want me to blindsided “like everyone else.” This sucks. It just does.

  1. azuria518 said: sounds like the epitome of retail (I don’t know if thats what you do, i’m just having horrid flashbacks) I know it’s sounds hard but ignore him. he’s a little shithead who is a dime a dozen. you’re awesome. stay strong.
  2. heartos said: Hang in there beautiful. Like Sara said, if you ever need any help, just call us, we’ll show up at his door with pitchforks and torches.
  3. saraportela said: *virtual hugs for supports* and if you need it very much, us tumblr folks will help you kill the guy and then hide the body. Just saying ahah
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